Cancellation, Return & Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy

At Sculpture King, we feel thrilled with each and every purchase that you make and offer such a quality assurance that cancellation culture is not common in the culture that we endorse. Yet, in the businesses there come circumstances where the act of cancelling the order becomes inevitable. If we speak in the standard terms, then the shipment of the order is normally done within 10 business days. The notification is sent from our end prior to the shipment is commenced and we expect the confirmation of the cancellation from your end prior to that. After ordering the product from our website, customer can cancel it within 3 days after that we’ll start the process of shipment.

Irrespective of the fact that you are providing a standard or custom order, we expect to receive the cancellation of the order from your end within three days once you place the order. It is customary to abide by the given time frame to avoid penalty in the given order.

It is essential for the concerned party to provide a written confirmation of the cancellation of the order by mailing us at and oral or verbal confirmation of any sort is not entertained under any circumstance. Besides that, the cancellation of the order is only accepted in the case where the shipment solely charged in our own responsibility gets damaged on the way and received by you at the spot in the damaged condition, then cancelling the order is your right if you can provide the videography or photo of the damage at the time of procuring the order to our support channel. Here, we try to ensure that the compensation for the damaged product is duly made within a stipulated period, but if you would like to cancel the order instead of receiving a new delivery then it is your sole right.

Once the item is returned, we provide you an email about the return of the item and notify you whether the approval or rejection of the refund can be made. In case, you are entitled for the refund of the money post cancellation as per our cancellation policy, then the refund would surely be made. Please note that the refund is always made in the provided bank account details and nowhere else and the bank account details are required to be provided at our email address in writing form with all the necessary details that are imperative for the transaction to take place.

It is always recommended that you get an answer to all your questions and queries from our sales representative about the cancellation policy prior to the pressing of the order button. In addition to that, there are certain products that are extremely unique, rare, and antique and are not covered in the cancellation policy of the company. It is strongly recommended that you get familiar with such products prior to the confirmation of the order.

At Sculpture King, the need for cancellation seldom occurs and even in case that happens, we offer our top-notch support and help you out with the necessary guidance and care in every possible sense.

Return Policy

When it comes to the return policy of Sculpture King, then our sole objective remains the customer satisfaction. Yes, we opt for a lasting relationship with our customers and even wish their good while parting the ways.

To stay eligible for the money back guarantee, it is imperative to make sure that the product stays in its original packaging. Besides, the concerned product shall not to be used, installed, removed, and then subsequently returned. Please note that our return policy does not cover the natural stone products merely because of their slight variation in colour, pattern, and texture. As the product cast is done with naturally occurring original sandstones with no impurities, there will be no block of stone 100% identical to one another.

The return policy shall include the defects that happened during the manufacturing phase and went unnoticed at the time of order. These defects shall include fissures, chipped or broken corners, scratches, or cracks in the product. If it happened amid the logistics of the carrier chosen by you, then all the misadventures would be under the accountability of the buyer or the carrier and it would not be entitled for return as per Sculpture King’s policy.

Additionally, our return policy also covers the products that are featuring incorrect thickness or incorrect bevel. Now, one such form of return is only applicable when the measurements requested online are not fulfilled at the time of delivery and there is a significant variation in what is posted in the measurement column and what was delivered from the warehouse to the buyer. The same policy is also applicable on the return of the products that are custom made as per the given instructions.

For the implementation of the return policy, it is necessary to make our support team familiar with the following prerequisites –

  1. The order number of your product.
  2. The preferred contact/ communication information.
  3. The pictures displaying the problems/ defects with the product.
  4. Briefly highlight the description of the problems with the concerned product, along with the quantity affected as well as any other details you do feel are necessary.

Once we get your email, our assigned team would determine whether the product feature any quality issues or not and would get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Please note that in addition to the above-mentioned criteria, it is essential that all the returns feature Return Material Authorization (RMA) documentation. It is suggestive to get in touch the support representative for further details. We will not be accountable to address the issues related to a product that has been dropped off with adequate paperwork.

The product ought to be in the same condition as it was at the time of receiving and that too within the original packaging with all the protective layers intact. All the returns do feature the deduction of handling and restocking fee and the deduction percentage tends to vary as per the product ordered. Apart from that, the fee charged for shipping would stay Non-Refundable.

Refund Policy

To ensure that the ordered product is eligible for return, you must understand that the item shall remain unused and provided back in the same condition in which it had been received. Besides, it should also feature the original packaging.

It is solely the responsibility of the buyer to adequately inspect the goods once purchased upon arrival and prior to undertaking the installation process. Please note that, absolutely under no circumstances the purchased good can be returned in case it has been installed. We expect that the central support team of Sculpture King is intimated about the complaint as soon as the purchase order has been received, so that the process of investigation shall be commenced immediately.

Please note that we at Sculpture King do not accept the claims in association with the variations in veining, colour, shading and texture of the surface. As we offer the products made from naturally excavated stones, the variations always remain inherent in nature. It is primarily because of these natural variations that the uniqueness, elegance, and natural beauty of our stone products remain intact. The product blending is always done by mixing the pavers from all the crates that have been supplied. It results in the natural stone variations that occur right from crate to crate and are blended harmoniously during the initial phase of installation.

It is worth to note that the displayed samples are meant for the illustration purpose only and there is no guarantee or warranty for the purchased products in relation to the colour, shading, veining, and surface texture as shown in the sample image.

The refund policy comes into application when you return the product received and send you an email to notify about the same. Thereafter, as per the service policies at Sculpture King, the decision related to the approval or rejection of your refund shall be taken. Once it gets approved, then the refund will be processed, and the credit will be applied only to your credit card or the original mode of payment, and that too within a specific number of days.

If you have not received the refund within the stipulated period, then it is suggestive to check and verify your bank account once again. If there is no update in the statement, then it is the time to contact your credit card company, as it may take a bit of time before your concerned refund is officially posted. Of the update is still negative, then you can get in touch with our support team and post your grievance there. If there is any discrepancy that can be handled from our end, then we are surely going to help you out in the same regard.

Additionally, the refund policy is applicable to the regular priced items only and not over the sale items. Please confirm about the same from our service representative prior to the confirmation of the order. The return of the product shall only be done to our warehouse address only and the shipping costs will stay non-refundable under all circumstances.

Dispute Resolution

Litigation, or any sort of dispute resolution is required to be ensured when there is a discrepancy between the parties that is required to be solved as per the land of the law. We at Sculpture King, always prioritise and nurture a culture with a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship ensuring growth and prosperity. But there comes certain scenarios where we are required to part the ways due to the difference of the opinion or some other inescapable reasons.

When it comes to a scenario of dispute, our policy remains to extract an amicable solution taking care of the interests of both the parties. We take care of both the interests and the reputation of any party that is directly or indirectly associated with us.

While offering services, there is always a possibility of enduring indifference in one way or the other and our priority remains to resolve the matter with mutual discussions and try to reach out for a peaceful agreement. But in case, the case is required to go into the court to get a fair trial, then also we offer all the necessary care and support to the other party to make sure they can follow the dispute resolution process without facing any kind of trouble and may the court decide where the truth and justice lies.

Our legal team is known for resolving all the cases associated with the interests of the company on a proactive basis and it is always based over the grounds of business ethics and healthy practices of law, including arbitration, mediation, negotiation, and conciliation. Our key objective is always to resolve the dispute in such a way that it curtails the possibility of costly escalation for either of the parties.

We at Sculpture King, consider litigation to be the last resort to solve a dispute and always prefer to solve all kinds of differences out of the court. It will ensure less expenditure of time, efforts, and resources. However, if there is requirement to seek the support of judiciary to resolve the matter, then all the matters subject to the dispute would be settled in the Jaipur jurisdiction only. It is not primarily because the headquarters of Sculpture King is located at Jaipur, but we always wish to make sure that all the parities associated with our interests in one way or the other, can seek legal remedies for all their troubles at one place only.


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